It is with great excitiment that we announce the first IBCM Network connected European Youth Conference in 2024. Following the enthusiasm of the Youth at IBCM8, regional Youth Ambassadors continued to gather. The European Youth Ambassadors have met and have agreed to join with the Polish Youth Team in the hosting of the first European Youth Conference. The theme of the conference is “Finding Peace”. We encourage Youth from all European countries not to miss an opportunity to connect with other youth from our network of churches and to engage with the challenges and possibilities of the current youth culture for the glory of God and the extention of His Kingdom. 

LOCATION: Wisla, Poland

DATES: 19 to 22 September 2024
1. Youth Leaders Forum – 19-20 September 2024 (arrive Thursday 19 September).
Forum commences 9.30 AM to 16.30 PM on Friday 20 September. Forum includes Youth Panel on contemporary issues and sessions on Youth Leadership.  
2. Youth Conference – 20-22 September 2024. Commences with dinner on 20 September finishes with lunch on Sunday 22 September.  Programme to come. 

TRANSPORT: Provided from Krakow Airport to Wisla on 19 and 20 September, and from Wisla to Krakow Airport on afternoon of 22 September.

ACCOMMODATION: Hotel rooms within 5 to 10 minutes walking from conference center.

THEME: Finding Peace 
We live in a world of paradox. More technology – less relationships. More knowledge – less wisdom. More man – less God. More calmness – less peace. Slowly our MORE becomes our LESS. And the PEACE we desperately cry out for seems to be less and less reachable. Sooner or later we find that God’s MORE becomes our MORE. Peace can be found in a world that seems to have less and less of it. Peace has a name and changes every generation.🕊 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:14

COST (Early Bird Prices – to June 30):
1. Conference, Accommodation, Meals – 20-22 September – €125
2. Conference, Accommodation, Meals, Transport – 20-22 September – €160
3. Conference & Youth Leaders Forum, Accommodation, Meals – 19-22 September – €180
4. Conference & Youth Leaders Forum, Accommodation, Meals, Transport – 19-22 September €215
(Prices will increase by €20 after June 30)

Dr David Smith – International Director of IBCM Network – David has been part of the IBCM ministry since 2011. He has a background in a variety of business, management, pastoral, mission, teaching, and academic roles. He is involved in leadership training, preaching and overseas mission, having a heart for people to be gripped by God’s grace and equipped for a life of passionate service. As the International Training Director of Australian College of Christian Studies (ACCS) he lectures and teaches internationally in the fields of Pastoral Ministry, Leadership, Preaching, Theology and Hermeneutics. Cross culturally, he has been involved in leading International Mission Teams to Cambodia and Africa since 2008. David completed his Masters research in the area of preaching, his work is entitled “The Preaching Community” and his Doctoral studies in the field of ecclesiology. David is the author of “Hidden Agendas”, “The Model Church”, “Connecting” and “God So Loves”.

Dr Tim Savage – International Direcor of the Gospel Coalition – (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Cambridge) is a pastor, author, conference speaker, and International Director of The Gospel Coalition. He has ministered in churches in Texas, England, and Arizona, and in over 25 countries in Europe. He loves especially speaking to young adults and seeing them give their lives fully to Jesus Christ. Living in the UK, Tim and his wife, Lesli, have two sons, two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren. Tim has written several books, including Power through Weakness: Paul’s Understanding of the Christian Ministry, No Ordinary Marriage: Together for God’s Glory, and Discovering the Good Life: The Surprising Riches Available in Christ (Crossway). Originally from southern California, Tim grew up in beach culture and loves to surf.




Location: Pomezia, Italy
Theme: Expand the Kingdom
Dates: 23-27 June 2025


Location: Colombia
Theme: TBA
Dates: 9-12 July 2025


Location: Jamaica
Theme: TBA
Dates: 14-19 July 2025


Location: São Tomé & Príncipe
Theme: TBA
Dates: 23-27 July 2025


Location: Phuket, Thailand
Theme: Mission of the Heart
Dates: 25-28 July 2025


Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Theme: TBA
Dates: 11-15 August 2025


The regional conferences events are a celebration of sections of our family worldwide who have unique contexts, languages, and challenges. These events offer an important opportunity for all to be encouraged and challenged, and to be inspired and strengthened for ministry and mission.

The regional conferences also offer key times to network and collaborate in a variety of ministry and mission areas. Throughout the conferences and their associated network and elective sessions you will be able to meet people who have similar challenges and can provide new perspectives or solutions. You will also discover valuable resources and partners for your areas of ministry. But most of all, you will gather lifelong friends and contacts who will provide you with a valuable ministry network as you continue to serve the Lord in your context.

Christ through the work of the Spirit seeks to envelope us and unite us in his love, so that we are launched into ministry and mission together. So let us together put love where love is not, for unity is mission.


26-30 September, 2022 | Durres, Albania | Grand Blue Fafa Resort

Strategic Addresses
1. INSPIRATION – The Role of The Spirit in our Kingdom Work – Allan McKinnon (UK)
2. ENVISIONING – What does the Lord show us today? – Andrzej Turkanik (Poland/Austria)
3. MOTIVATION – Finishing our race well – Michael Wickham (Spain)
4. KINGDOM – The place of suffering in the Kingdom – Simon Marshall (UK)

Bible Topic Sessions
1. When the Holy Spirit speaks. (Acts 13) – Frederic Walraven (Netherlands)
2. Seeing and hearing new things. (Acts 16) – Peter Kozar (Slovakia)
3. The value of my Life In light of the task (Acts 20) – Frederic Walraven (Netherlands)
4. With all boldness without hindrance! (Acts 28) – Alfred Mustafa (Albania)

Workshop topics
Apologetics | Leadership | Mission | Ethics | Bible Today | Church Life


Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia | June 19-24 | 2023